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360 Degree Smart Rotating Leather Case Accessory Bundle for iPad Pro 9.7 inch - Pink

Was: $69.95 Now Only: $14.95

Product Description

Accessorize your new iPad Pro 9.7 inch with this special Accessory Bundle - 360 Degree Smart Rotating Leather Case, Ball-Point Capacitive Touch Screen Stylus Pen and Crystal Clear Screen Protector.

360 Degree Smart Rotary Leather Case - The sophisticated styling of the 360 Degree Smart Rotating Leather Case features a unique mechanism that creatively frames the Apple logo and allows the iPad Pro 9.7 inch to rotate both vertically and horizontally while in the case. When you close it, and iPad Pro 9.7 inch automatically goes to sleep. Open it up and this super-rad cover, and iPad Pro 9.7 inch magically wakes up and also folds into a viewing and typing stand with three viewing positions including a lower angle which is ideal for typing on the screen. The form-fitted design securely holds the iPad Pro 9.7 inch in place while the hard-sided exterior provides a sturdy, protective cover. Pairing an executive appearance with seamless functionality, the 360 Degree Smart Rotary Leather Case provides an attractive and functional way to carry and use the iPad Pro 9.7 inch.


  • Unique ultra protective hybrid polycarbonate / premium synthetic leather designed.
  • Features a swivel mechanism that allows the iPad Pro 9.7 inch to rotate inside of the case in both portrait and landscape modes.
  • Supports auto On/Off feature on iPad Pro 9.7 inch - Open the cover, and iPad Pro 9.7 inch magically wakes up. Close it, and iPad Pro 9.7 inch automatically goes to sleep.
  • Innovative window design frames the Apple logo.
  • Makes a versatile stand with 3 viewing angles.
  • The thin design makes it easy to carry inside of another case adding little weight or thickness to the iPad Pro 9.7 inch itself.
  • Soft interior lining protects the device against scratches.
  • Elastic closure strap keeps the case in open or closed position.
  • Full access to all functions so the iPad Pro 9.7 inch can be fully operational without leaving the case.
  • Color: Pink.

Ball-Point Capacitive Touch Screen Stylus Pen - Capacitive Stylus allows you to use your tablet without ever touching the screen with your finger. Perfect for the ladies out there who have their nails done or for those who don't want to take their gloves off during a cloudy day. The Capacitive Stylus also doubles as a pen for jotting down notes on paper - just like the good old times!


  • Allows users to write and draw at a more natural angle.
  • Spend less time cleaning your screen of fingerprints when using a stylus.
  • Ideal for writing, drawing, painting, gaming, medical and photography apps.
  • Firm and responsive rubber tip glides easily along the screen surface.
  • With both options in one, there is no need to carry both a pen and stylus with the Capacitive Stylus.
  • The stylus body is built from durable alloy construction.
  • Integrated pocket clip allows it to be worm.
  • Standard pen size in diameter for comfortable grip.
  • Color: Black.

Crystal Clear Screen Protector - Utilizing the highest-grade materials and cutting-edge technologies to create a screen film worthy of protecting your Apple iPad Pro 9.7 inch. Crystal clear film provides advanced strength and clarity that meets optometric standards to keep your screen safe from damage without affecting the functionality of your iPad Pro 9.7 inch touchscreen. Strong yet thin and lightweight, the film provides excellent protection that will help keep your iPad Pro 9.7 inch looking like new. Equipped with a high-gloss finish, this film protects without compromising the vibrancy of the iPad Pro 9.7 inch LCD screen.


  • UV protection and color improvement.
  • Added protection from scratches, dirt and dust.
  • High gloss finish replicates and enhances the vibrant LCD screen.
  • Protect your iPad Pro 9.7 inch touch screen without changing its appearance.
  • Precision die-cut film ensures an exact fit.
  • Film can be removed without leaving any residue.

This bundle kit includes the following accessories:

  • 360 Degree Smart Rotating Leather Case.
  • Ball-Point Capacitive Touch Screen Stylus Pen.
  • Crystal Clear Screen Protector.

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