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Crystal Clear Screen Protector for iPad Pro 10.5 inch

SKU: PRO105-A1-LCDSCREEN-01-08462
Brand: Mybat
Was: $34.95 Now Only: $7.50

Product Description

Utilizing the highest-grade materials and cutting-edge technologies to create a screen film worthy of protecting your Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch. Crystal clear film provides advanced strength and clarity that meets optometric standards to keep your screen safe from damage without affecting the functionality of your iPad Pro 10.5 touchscreen. Strong yet thin and lightweight, the film provides excellent protection that will help keep your iPad Pro 10.5 looking like new. Equipped with a high-gloss finish, this film protects without compromising the vibrancy of the iPad Pro 10.5 LCD screen.


  • UV protection and color improvement.
  • Added protection from scratches, dirt and dust.
  • High gloss finish replicates and enhances the vibrant LCD screen.
  • Protect your iPad Pro 10.5 touch screen without changing its appearance.
  • Precision die-cut film ensures an exact fit.
  • Film can be removed without leaving any residue.
  • Soft nylon cleaning cloth.
  • Compatible with Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch.

Film Installation Instructions:

Step 1: Before installing a screen protector on the iPad, it is important to completely turn the device off.

Step 2: Next, take your lint free cloth (preferably microfiber) and apply a small amount of water to it so that it is damp. Now gently wipe down the screen until any visible fingerprints, smudges, or other signs of contaminants are gone. Make sure that there are no dust particles or oil deposits on your screen.

Step 3: Before removing the screen protector from it's lining, place it next to the iPad screen so that you can see how it lines up. Once you remove the lining and apply it to the screen, it is very hard to correct.

Step 4: Making sure the button cut out on the screen protector matches the home button on the iPad, remove only the bottom of the screen protector from the lining.

Step 5: Hold the screen protector above the iPad and apply the exposed portion of the screen protector to the iPad screen. Using your fingers, press down on the center of the screen protector and move toward the outside.

Step 6: Once the bottom of the iPad screen protector is secured to the screen and you have confirmed it is not crooked, proceed with removing the rest of the liner.

Step 7: Carefully apply the remainder of the screen protector to the screen, ensuring there are no bubbles formed. Be sure to firmly press the screen protector to the screen to ensure a proper seal.

Step 8: Use a lint-free cloth to secure the film to your screen and rub out the air bubbles to ensure proper adhesion. There may be temporary air bubbles in the adhesive. Unless there is dust trapped under the film, these air bubbles will disappear in time. If dust is trapped under the film, attach a piece of cellophane tape to the corner of the film closest to the air bubble and lift up. Take a second piece of tape and dab the piece of dust. Once the piece of dust has been removed from the film or the screen, lay the film back down using a lint-free cloth to push out any air bubbles.

Step 9: If you wish to remove the film from your screen, apply a strip of cellophane tape to the corner of the film and use it to peel the film off of the surface of the screen.

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